Gee, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me *yesterday.*

  • Linda: No… I don’t need more time, Robbie. I don’t ever want to marry you.
  • Robbie: [takes a deep breath, sighs] Gee, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me *yesterday.*

This quote reverberates through my skull often at work, but recently its been more like a daily basis. To keep this short, I recently jumped on board as front-end for a rather large .com that was in the middle of a new release. To make things worse, the guy that I replaced was leading the squad like Jordan lead the Bulls (all 6 Times). So yeah, he’s pretty freaking good. So I’m on the squad now, we’re in the NBA Finals and that damn quote keeps hitting me…back and forth between the ears, in the forehead, square in the mouth, etc.
Let’s keep on track here…finally, after about a month or so into this, I started finding some serious shortcomings, and reached out to peoples in my network. Jonesy, Brunsvold, Zuck and Jaswa have been marvelous in keeping my head level and on track. But I’m singling out Mr. Jaswa in this one, for a great piece he wrote up for me one night, after I hit him up with some ridiculous questions, one after another.The Game Plan, so aptly titled, truly lives up to its name and has had an immense impact on my “game plans” ( pertaining to the site I’m currently redoing and almost as importantly, every project that I’m involved in.
The Game Plan, is a brief outline of what’s really important when developing an interface. Blunt, direct and to the point, this little guy was an eye opener to me and I really can’t thank him enough for the nudge. I had to jump back from what I was doing after reading it to correctly implement it, bringing that quote back into my head. Gee jaswa, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me YESTERDAY! Jokes aside, thanks alot chief, this really has helped me out.

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