Introspection, Growth and Passion

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Introspection, Growth and Passion

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Having a moment of introspection this morning, thinking back over the years of how my work has changed – sometimes in pretty dramatic ways. It seems like forever ago that I was fresh out of school and working my first real programming job at a domain host. I worked hard until I was ultimately let go from the role due to some interpersonal issues. Fortunately, the market was good and I found a new role with a natural gas provider relatively quickly. I did a lot of growing there, not only in my skills but just in my understanding of how business gets done. It was while I was there that I got married and soon had to figure out how to juggle work and kids, finally getting it down about the time the second one came around.

All the while, I was still working on my passion – programming…

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Retrieve all table names of SQL Server DB with PHP on WAMP

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Retrieve all table names of SQL Server DB with PHP on WAMP

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WAMP stands for Windows – Apache – MySQL – PHP but for me, today, I need to say WASP which is Windows – Apache – SQL Server – PHP. Yes its bit painful and for second day, working hard on finishing my part of our project for Microsoft Imagine Cup. Our server guy, Prabath M Peiris have done the backend in MS SQL Server and I needed to connect the DB with PHP as we could not find a free ASP host.


WAMP does not come with SQL Server connectivity drivers so we have to download it from and extract it in the “ext” folder of WAMP PHP. In my PC that is (C:wampbinphpphp5.4.3ext) then we need to add the extensions to PHP.ini file. I advise you to read the readme.html file comes with SQL Server drivers we have downloaded. Since I am using PHP 5.4, I used


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Output MySQL in JSON Format

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Open Source DBA's Blog

I was recently asked if there is anyway to select non-JSON data from a MySQL database and output that data in JSON format. There are two very easy ways to to this.

JSON Array

If you need a JSON array, it is very easy to use the JSON_ARRAY() function. Simply select the columns you want as the argument to JSON_ARRAY()

SQL> select
json_array(continent,Population, Code)
from country
limit 5;
| json_array(continent,Population, Code) |
| ["North America", 103000, "ABW"] |
| ["Asia", 22720000, "AFG"] |
| ["Africa", 12878000, "AGO"] |
| ["North America", 8000, "AIA"] |
| ["Europe", 3401200, "ALB"] |
5 rows in set (0.0006 sec)


However to get a JSON object you need to do a little more work. JSON objects require pairs – key/value pairs — so you need to pass a key, even a fictitious one for each value you desire. In the example…

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TVa 2019 legislative report

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TVa 2019 legislative report

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Transparency Virginia

Transparency Virginia’s 2019 annual report on legislative transparency. Click the image or the link below.


Transparency Virginia2019 report

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CHALLENGE: Accessibility know-how needs to go mainstream with developers. NOW.

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This is the internationally recognized symbol ...

Relatively, there isn’t a lot of great information about accessibility out there. You really have to seek it out. How many of you know what JAWS is? After popping up IE6/IE7/IE8 et. al. to ensure website compatibility, do you also check your content in a screen reader?

I would argue that it’s more important to make a site accessible than pretty for older browsers. For some people, an accessible Internet literally makes a world of difference. Although I’m a backend programmer, I’m still ashamed at how little I know. How about you?

Much effort is going into the semantics of HTML5 for the purpose of accessibility. I’ve been toying with this idea for a couple years, but now the time has come to ask for your help. Let’s work together and fix this oversight in our knowledge. As a community, we can work together to change the world.


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Tour A Secret Island on VA’s Eastern Shore

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Visit Virginia's Eastern Shore

About the Guest Blogger

Max Lonzanida, visitor services park ranger, Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge.

me teaching Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Max manages everything that has to do with wildlife-dependent recreation on the refuge. He commutes to the Shore daily from Norfolk, where he lives with his wife Amy, his two energetic kids Noah and Stella and their two dogs.

The Secret Fisherman’s Island

Get a rare glimpse of Fisherman’s Island, which is typically closed to the public except during winter weekends. It’s part of a 2,000-acre refuge on the very tip of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

If you’ve traveled over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to and from Virginia’s Eastern Shore, you’ve visited Fisherman Island. Route 13 takes you across the island in the blink of an eye and you’re either in Northampton County or over open water on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. What a lot of people don’t…

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Tour A Secret Island on VA’s Eastern Shore

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